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Local Attractions


Local towns worth visiting


The local town. Supermarkets and restaurants.

The town is overlooked by a castle that dates from the Middle Ages, and a chapel within its gardens is classified as a historic monument. While its walls date from the eleventh century, the castle was destroyed during the Hundred Years War. Today only a large gate remains of the original; the current castle was built in the 15th century in the form of a manor within the old walls. The Church of Saint-Denis, which was restored starting in the 19th century, dates from the 12th.

12 min drive - Directions



Lovely local town full of craft shops, bars, and restaurants.

It has been officially listed as "One of the most beautiful villages in France," since 1993. Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is also well known for its Church of Saint Jean, an underground, Monolithic Church.

17 min drive - Directions



Saturday Morning

A nice town with an amazing ancient open air market hall, and a impressive chateaux. Perfect for a visit on a Saturday morning as the market will be in full flow. Or come in the evening to have dinner at Le Lavalette (recommended).

There is a large Super-U here also.

18 min drive - Directions



Large local town and capital of the Charente

Around the heart of Angouleme historic centre there are more than two kilometres of the ramparts remaining intact, while the boulevards that follow the walls are wide, open streets with good views across the surrounding countryside.

36 mins drive - Directions

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