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Markets & Brocantes

France is famous for its vibrant markets and almost every town and the larger villages has one at least once a week. Be prepared to get up early though, as they usually start packing up by around 12 mid-day.



Friday morning

One of the largest year-round markets in the Perigord, the town comes to life on a Friday and you'll find everything here, from sumptuous gastronomic delights to household goods and clothes to fresh flowers and souvenirs. There are several small cafes fringing the main market place, perfect for soaking up the french atmosphere - notable among them are the Cafe des Collones on the Place du Général de Gaulle, and the Cafe du Palais on the Place Joseph Debonnière.

Between April and October there is also a weekly farmers’ market (marché des producteurs) each Tuesday between 8am and noon, and the town hosts several night markets in July and August. In the winter, a truffle and fois gras market is held every Friday morning between December and the end of February.

25 min drive - Directions



Monday morning

Another well-attended year-round market that winds through the streets of the chateau-topped town, very popular with the french as well as tourists. There's a pleasant shaded square in the centre with a pretty fountain as well as a couple of cafes with tables and chairs outside.

22 mins drive - Directions



1st Sunday of the month

One of the best brocantes locally is the huge and diverse Sunday morning event in Verteillac held on the 1st Sunday of every month throughout the year. There's upward of 100 stalls, mostly at the more professional end of the spectrum, but still with plenty of bargains to be had. All the cafes and restaurants are open on brocante day, so there's ample opportunity to combine bargain hunting with a spot of lunch.

20 mins drive - Directions


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